Sunday, October 22, 2006

List, Bangles and "Not quite art" books

Dear Amy,
I'm sorry for not writting for long time. I've been really busy, but now I hope I'll get in line with writting. What's new? Well, I have writen half of book and it's XXXVIII chapters and about 166 pages with Ariel 10. I had b-day which was good except my crush no. 1 (he's name is Nicolas (if we see it on English), but everybody calls him Johnny) didn't watned to dance with me. Why is he crush no. 1, you ask? Well, becuase I well in lovw for 2nd time, with Judy's friend David who she called on her b-day. He is sooooo cute! But I have chanse to see him only once in year, at Judy's b/day.. So I'll just stick to Johnny...

Excurison was supercalafradgilisticexpialidotus (or what ever, that line from Mary Poppins). I was in room with Dee, Melly and Dianna at 1st, vbut Judy and Tiff didn't kliked their rooms so they came to ours. It was really crazy. 1st night was night that didn't happened cause we told each other our secrets. I can't tell any of them here since that night didn't happen.

2nd night was even crayier - it started when I got into PJs, took my mp3 plaier and camer, got on hall, picrtuer people and listened to "Girls Just wanna Have Fun" by Cindy Lauper (spelling!). Then Dianna broke wondow and I got out that I'm scared of glass and I got little down and all. I won't tell that part of story cause it is emberessing. After it, when we got to bed, I named my bear Laure cause he reminded me on Laurie from "Little Women", and I named Melly's bear Rhet cause he reminded me of Rhet Buttler from 'Gone with the Wind". I also said that, when Melly's bear grow up, I'll marry him. Then we got Judy's toys (she took about 10 of them) and I got names from "Gone With The Wind" for all of them. Funnies part was hen Tiff took cat that was Scarlett O'Hara, trow it and said
"Hi, I'm Scarlett O'Hara. Tomorrow is another day, and I'm going to die today!"

Then Aunt Pittypat (some smily-head) hitted Dianna in eye and we stopped...

Everything after excursion is too stuppid to talk about, so I'll just talk about today...


I made list of things I'll do before I finish school in June. For now, it has 40 things, but it'll be bnigger. Here it is:
  1. Write book
  2. Send to crush card for Valentine's day (14. II 2007)
  3. Get at least ONE A/5 from math
  4. Dance with boy
  5. Kiss crush (at least in some game)
  6. Do somenthing with hear
  7. Made some cloths, bag or something like that by my self
  8. Made final mind what hight school will you go in
  9. Stop crying cause of little tings as rain on Mars
  10. Help friends more
  11. Stop beaing jelous
  12. Be more like dearling Beth from "Little Women" and less like Amy (I like Amy, but I'm same her, ane that's not good)
  13. Learn to ice skate
  14. Find my favorite songs ("Great Balls of Fire", "Walk like Egyptian", "Billy S.", "Summertime") in pm3 format
  15. Change posters in room
  16. Stop being selfish (spelling!) (my ma says I am...)
  17. Respect rule I and Melly made "There are no lusers, there are only people who are happy with things they do" (I'll explame this later)
  18. See "Gone With The Wind", all at once (I always watch it in parts)
  19. Find at least one old film on DVD (something as "All About Eve", "Gilda"...)
  20. Read all books for reading mark (something as competition, I'll tell you when they tell us list of books)
  21. Always say your thoughts and learn to say NO
  22. Made CD with all your favorite songs
  23. Learn those things for PE
  24. Made someone laugh every day
  25. Stop making Melly's like miserebly (joke of cores)
  26. Go on some concert (I heard my fave band "Vaya Con Dios" comes in Serbia in november)
  27. Stop being SO histeric sometimes
  28. Stop being so lazy (HAHA)
  29. Start making SOMETHING from my miserbly life
  30. Find at last one boy friend (I mean as friend, not as boyfriend)
  31. Do at last 1/2 of this list
  32. Buy some nice jewlery
  33. Buy some crystal
  34. Find some CD of band "The Bangles"
  35. Made something nice to yourslef everyday
  36. Laugh everyday
  37. Learn to save money
  38. Do some nice things for my brother, Andrew
  39. Learn to cook
  40. Not poisen anyone with my cooking

It's that for now. Big list... :)

I learned all day and I'm going to learn more. I finisthed part of History, part of Geography, little of Russian and thta' all. I hate school! Grrr!

Also, I got "Permanent Rose" and "Caddy Ever After" from America in wendesday. It's 3rd and 4th part of book "Saffy's Angel" (2nd part is "Indigo's star") and I would recomend it to EVERYONE! Those book are GREAT! I alredy read "Peromanent Rose". It's about one crazy family. Ma and pa are painters and they have 4 childeren. Mother Eve is bit crazy and always peint in her shead on end of garden. Father, Bill, lives in London and he paints "sirioustly". "Not quite art" says he for Eve's paintings. Oldest daughter, Cadmium, is easy-going deramer who LOVER guena pigs and her drive instrucior, darling Michael. Saffy's adopted daughter (her mother was Linda, Eve's twin sister), so she's cold and quet all until she meet her new best friend Sarah, girl in weel-chair. Indigo is tall, dark boy who cures his fear of hiight by sitting on his window. And Rose is little, smart and she always says what she thinks. Oh, she also likes to paint on walls. So, it's funny, family novel that will NEVER be boring. Read it!

Now I have to go on lucnh (Pizza, again) and after it I have to learn.... :S I hope I'll write again soon, but I can't promise ANYTHING.

Peace,Light, Love and Chcolate from your friend Anya! :)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Film, Mary and really, really quick note

Dear Amy,
Well, this is just really quick note, but I'm, so happy that I must post it: I just saw in newspapers that tonight (in 20:30) they show Through the Back Door with Mary Pickfort somwere in some movie archive probably! I'm going to see it 90%, i just have to see willl Dee go with me or some my other friend or will I go with my ma. I know it wasn't best thing to ask Dee cause she doesn't like silen movies or balck-and-wites much, but I was so happy that I just needed to call someone. I hope I'll go!!! Weeee!

Yes, it's silly that I'm happy so much just cause one movie, but I enjoy in little thing!


I'm gonna write big post leater. Bye!

and Chcolate
from your friend Anya!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tests, book and bad, bad people

Dear Amy,
It's over!
It's finaly over!
No more math tests!

Till next moth...
But I can get happy till then, right?

Well, I am happy, but they moved my show of paintings. Yep! Women that orginase shows is in hosppitle, and, franlky, nobody know will she live since nobody know what is matter with her, not even she. So, basicly, nobody knows when my show will be. But, (except the fact I'll have to get wormer dress then those I planned) it can be good thing since I'll have more time to do cards and everything. And also there's no mess with excursion now so much. Cause they can now move it to 17th October, and I can make my b-day on 6th! Wee! Everybody are happy!

At last I hope so...

So, except Serbian on friday, there are no more tests for this wee. I done Russian (3 from 5 - Fantastic when we get fact that I don't know a word on Russian) and today I done math (won't say anything, I don't wanna bring bad luck) and so it's that.

Well, since on end of this grade we have final school excamples, I got finaly that I won't ahve time to write then! I need to study all day!!!! Gosh, I'll die! I have studing! And I love to write! Will someone kill me? And so, now when I still have time, I write like maniac. I alredy wrote 90 pages, and it's only the start! I have no idea when will I finish!

Probably in 3 years...

Can I just die!?

Well, as I siad, I'm not gossip girl, but this is story that all school knows, so this isn;t gossiping anymore> Well, In fact, Kelly, school queen, isn't so popular anymore. In fact, she now haves 2 friends (Natalie and Nora from other class) and every other popular girl from 8th or 7th grade, when she sees her, tells her somthing bad like *I'm sorry for this word, I don't usually tell this things, but now it's only time I will, I promise!* slut, whore or soemthing tahy bad.

Why am, I actually initerested in all this? Let's get from begging: in 7th grade I adored to draw clothes, character from books ect. I do now also. And onw day Kelly just showed up with book about drawing people. Ok, I got over it.

But suddenly, this year, Tiffany looked at pictures in my phone. And since I have about 30 pictures of old sctresses (starting with bessy Love and Lillien Gish over the Vivine Leigh and Greta Garbo to Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor) Kelly took look on Audrey hepburn and said "Oh, Gosd, she acted in that movie when he teaches her to speak and all (My Fiar Lady)" Yes hse does "I love taht film! And also Gone With the Wind! Those are my all-time-favorites!"
No, they aren't her all time favorites since she never heard about Marilyn Monroe before 6 moths, and, although I don't take Marilyn so serius and graet, she is so publicated that I though everyone knows about her . Well, I was wrong, since no one in my schol knows about her. Especially not Kelly. And how that can be that she don't know for Vivien Leigh, Clarke Gable, Greta Garbo, Clarke Gabe, Bette Davis, Clarke Gable, Lawrence Olivie, Clerke Gable or Jean Harlow and Clarke Gable (did I mention Clarke Gable?) and that GWTW is her fave move? And how that can be that we like EVEYTHING same?


I don't think so...

Ok, I'll get over it I though, but I have another trade mark - skirts. I adore skirts that people at school started to call me Esmeralda gypsy and that one boy from 5th grade (that I never saw before btw) asked me "Do you wear ANYTHING but skirds". I like those long skirts with many detales l;ike from 19th centuary. Anbd one day Kelly shows up in school with long skirt and she sayd "I fell in love with skirs." I gor sick of her in that moment. And now, today...

Well, we had to write essey about heros from epic songs from our countryu. And I think I had original idea: I wrote about womens who stand by side the real hgeros and shoped that tehy are as important as any amn in those songs. Teacher liked my essey. Actually, I liked it too. :) I was only one who wanted herself to read essey. then, on end of class, Kelly raised hand and told "IO wrote another essey, can I read it?" And she started reading essey about Mother Jugovic, most famoust women in our songs and character I mentioned in MY essey. Even teacher saw that she copied my idea and asked "Kelly, did you got idea from other esseys you heard today?". After it she asked me to sit with her and she showed me math problem on test (yep, I was little cheating...). So, what's not with that? I asked my scuper/smart ma (no, really, she can solve my every problem) and she told me she need friend now when she argued with all her friends. She told me also to saty out of all that cause everyone whats to fight Kelly now so only thing I can get is bad friend who will tell aboout me everywhere (as Kelly do) and few kicks.,Not really good thing..

But I just want to say that I really am not spoil or anything - I just want to be original and to ahve my own ideas and it goes oon my nerves when someone as Kelly stares to copy me. It's Ok if someone tlike me, unpopular, startes to copy me or someone else, but Kelly! I don't like when she copies someone cause she has ecverything - popularity, boys, good marks, she's teacher pet, eveyone loves her (otr at last they did last week) and she can get ANYTHING that she wants! Whyon whole wild world she coused to copy me, social freak, idiot from other world, girl wrom before centuary, someone who dresses like she got from 19th centuarly, who NEVER follows fashon, who don't wnat to be popular and who can only WRITE about kissing with boys since I kissed one boy only when I was 3 aIN CHEEK and that was my 1st and last kiss in my life (at least it looks like..)? I mean, why me when boys makes fun of me, when people laughes on my taste of movies and haven't heard of music I listen? It's all so compcicated and I would more like that she tells me why and not copy me. This world is full of confusing people who are total ENIGMA!

Soo, this is all for now, I'll write more tomoorrow. If I ahve time I might write more about me, my friends and family. And I still own you list of 100 fact about me.

Till next time..

Love and Chcolate
from your friend Anya!

P.S. I hope you don't think of me as spoilt drama queen, cause I'm not like that! I hope you don;t think like that ...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is it just me or I became obsseset with old movies? No, it's not just me...

Dear Amy,

today I didn't went alone by bus on my painting class cause my dad had extreams (I don't mean HE worked extreames, but he's some kind of teacher on chemistry university, so he GIVES extreams...) so he took me off to town. But, dunno why, I more like when I go alone. Then I can read the book or listne to mp3 and all (especially since bus that takes me to town hasd his 1st stop near me so I can sit whenevern I want sibce bus is emty when I get in it). Or i can simply wach throu the window, which is also fun since town in 8am is so beautiful that I didn't wanted that our teacher moves classes to 10am as Luke asked him to.

Ok, ok, I give up, it's not just that I like to drive in 8am, it's alos... well, on Croatian (country by side mine) TV in about 8am on saturday goes documenatris about old starts and some old film after it! Well, that it! Last week they gave documentay about Marilyn Monore (Gosh, will they stop talinking about her and get little atteniton to other stars like Vivien Leigh, Rita Heyworth, Bette Davis or actresses that she coppied her all life, Jean Harlow!?) and this week was about Kirk Douglas. Ok, I dunno much about him , I heard of him, but it's so fun to watch! After it, today, was really good film. At first I didn't knew anything about it so I watched it till half and then I had to go, put they girl that played main part looked like Veronica Lake. But it was so funny to me cause just yesterday I was reading about Veronoica on net! My ma told me that that was really her (she looked till the end), and it fact movie was the most famust she did. I dunno it's name and my nat isnb't working right now, but it's the one in which she plays "The Girl". No really! Her caracter is credited as "The Girl"!

Also, if youa sk why don't I just accept to go in 10am to painting class and then wake earlyer to watch TV, I'll tell you this: I'm lazy. I'm really, really lazy! So I'll putt alarm on my mobile phone and when it startes ringing in 7am I'm gonna turn it off cursing probaby "Damn the movie, I wanna sleep little more"! Sad, funny, idiotic, but true!

Anyway, we went and buyed gift to Selene and then we went on luch. Now I should get redy to go on birthday in my new skirt I bough today! Weeeee! Can't wait!!!!

To my sweet friend Gina: Hey honey, thanks so much on you comments!!!! I'm so happy you post them! Tahnks so much! Anyway, I can't change color of that box... It has to be lime green. What's quite stupid I must say, but now... :(

Also, when we go on school-trip we go around the Serbia to visit churhes, places where battels were, masoleums... I'm not going cause seeing sights that much (if I did, I would go in Rome or Egypt where I can see sights that were from B.C. time of history what interests me... I'm idiot, I like history, I know, i KNOW.. ^_^), but I'm going for friends to have good fun and to make PJ parties! WEEEE!!!! :D :D :D

I, right now, wrote 80 pages, 1o font size, Ariel letters, and it's only the begging., I have so many thhoughts... Dunno is that good or bad anymore... :P

And, if you loived near me, I would DEFENETLY give you Jean Harlow invitation! I know how much you love her, so... :D I would like to get Vivien Leigh invitation, she'm totaly my favorite actress. And my brother really need some sense! I mean Rita Heyworth, STUPID??? He's the one that's stupid! But I agree with him about Lillian - she's so wonderful, she looks like puorcelan doll! To put her picture on wall and look at it! I hasn't seen any her movie, but that's my new obssion - to see it! Ha!

And after I saw that movie with Veronica, I think her hair was WOW! It looks even better on movie then on pictures! I wouldn't minfd if I had that hair! I wonder how long didn it took her time to comb her hair in day? She must took good care of it! Like that Austrian queeen, Elizabetha, she combed her hair (which was long to her knees!) for three hours at day!!!! I would day to comb by hair for three hours!!!!

That's why I have idioticly-looking hair...

Well, now I have to go...





and Chocole

from your friend Anya!

Friday, September 22, 2006

My silly-willy invitations to my silly-willy b-day....

Dear Amy,
today I started writing 15th chapter of book. It's going fine now, but I'm really starteing to worry if it will be loo long, will I lost somewhere... I feel like I'm only on the begging and I alredy wrote about 80 pages! And I still have SO much in my head!

Maybe that's the reason that my head is so big...

I went with Dee and Melly to town today. Dee's friend, Dianna, also came. I can tell she's getting on my nerves: she always find bad in someone, nothing's right to her, everyone are stupid except her... I can see how that happened that good girl like Dee stucked up with her... But I won't compain or will I tell the gossips around... Although it will be hard but now.

But I am not really gossip girl! I like to hear gossip just to see what's going up around me, what did people think of this time, to have good laugh. But I don't like to tell around gossips and I HATE to chang them and then tell around. It's so stupid and you don't get ANYTHING with it....

Anyway, I bough 3rd part of Ally's world, it just came out. I dunno what to read. I'll finish Eragon, although I'm not in mood for fantasy book right now, but I need to get back Proffessor (Charlott Bronte) to library cause I can't read it, it quite boring. Like I'm reading Robinson Crusoe all over again. And worst book I read is Robinson. Now you see... I mean, I like old books and all, but GOSH, that's too much for me. And I'll leave Adele for some time now and read it later....

Tomorrow I have painting classes with my art teacher and my friedend, Luke. Some silent girl Ivy goes there, she looks quite interesting, but she never talks, so it's hard to say what is she like. After painting class we go to see what I'll buy to Selene or her birthday, then i go on lunch with my family and then I go to Selene's birthday. It's gonna be REALLY boring there, I know, since they'll be listening to the music I DON'T listen or like, they'll be talking about things I DON'T know about, they'll be palying games I DON'T find with vary sense, but then I thing of MY birthday next week and that I'LL get chanse to choose music and all, and it totally gets easier to me! Also, we're going on excursion in October, I'm sitting with Melly in bus (by the window, OF CORES), and I'll be with Melly, Dee and Dianna in room (OK, it'll be REALLY hard to be with Dianna in room since she'll probably going to go crazy cause I and Melly are messy, so I'll have feeling like I'm in home, but I'll live with it). Although I will be sad cause I wion't be able to post on blog, and I won't be able to write my book and I won't be able to watch any movie for three days, I can't wait to go!

Oh, and I started making invitation for party in next sunday. Here's the text for invitation I made for Dee.
To Duchess Andrea from Cristal,
You duchessy, you're invited on birthday ball of Lady Anya from Pearl. Ball will be on 1st October 2006. in ____ hours on adress III Flower Bulevard ??? in sallon 26. Ball includes Coke tea, snack from cake and chips, rock'n'roll waltz and alaso from watching special program - movie. It's vary important to bring good mood, have beautiful dress and wonderful hair-dress. We wait for you!

Truly yours,
Lady Anya from Pearl
Also, every invitation have it's own ppicture of old actresses - Thre'll bee Veronca Lake or Rita Heyowrt for Dee (Dee's blond, and so is Veronica, and Dee told she likes Rita, so...), Audrey Hepburn or Vivien Leigh for Melly (she likes them), Jean Halow or Myrna Loy for Kate (they kind remaind me of her, dunoo really why), Marilyn Monore or Elizabeth Taylor for Tiffany (she asked me to put them), Judy Garlend or Bette Davis for Judy (just like that...), Theda Bara or Greta Garbo or some other silent-movie-star to Dora (just to make joke since she can't stand balc and wite movies and I can't think of what would she say if she needed to watch silent movie) and Lillian Gish to Andrew. Why, you ask, I make invitation to my own brother that lives with me? Simple: beacuse he crazy and he watns it. And why, you ask again, do I put Lillian Gish on his invitation? Another simple one: he asked me! Yes, my little brother (8-years-old) thinks Lillian Gish is beautiful (he's not only one - I think it too). But it's crazy since my brother told that wonderful Vivien Leigh is grosse and that Rita Heywoth is stupid.
Silly Andrew!
Also, I might put Sofia Loren or Gina Lallobrigida (SPELLING!) to Tiff's invitation cause she likes them alSO. Or I think she do. But I think I'll put Marilyn cause she adored "Someone likes it hot" (have it taped, still haven't watched it...).
So, that's it quite... I'll write again soon! For that time...
and Chcolate
from your friend Anya!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Changes were made...

Dear Amy,
and my friends! I hope you like new style! If you have any idea how to make this even better, just contact me or review it! Gracia!

and Cholate
from your friend Anya!


Dear Blog,
I decaided that you need name, so I'll give you name Amity Catherine and nickname Amy, after main chacter in my book! Ha! So, should I start again?

Dear Amy,
Nothing's going on here. It's just lazy, boring, annoying, rainy day and there's not ONE interestinf movie on TV! You know, they should REALLY put my favorie Tv show "Central Park West" all over again! I'm getting bord since I don't have to do anything, and I'm toooooo lazy to study. Never mind...

So, since it's so boring here, I think I'll write my book now. I can't tell you much about it (sounds stupid, but my ma don't let me to talk about it cause, she tells, someone can copy my idea. Ok, they really CAN copy it, but I would SO like to tell you what it's about!). All I can tell is that's about three girls, Sky, Amy and Kate, who finds out that they have some kind of powers and all. Characters are based on me and my friends, Melly, Dee and Dora mainly, but there are other like, one is based on Myra, one on Alex (girl from Melly's class who CAN go on your nerves and all, but you can NEVER be bord with her!)... Basicly, every person I like, I put it in book! HA!

So, on my last blog ( I putted 100 things about me list. So, I think I'm gonna pput it here also. And I think I'm gonna change this site cause it goes on my nerves REALLY! Dunno why... I'll have same adress, but look is gonna be changed.

Till then,

and Chcolate
from you friend (silly) Anya!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well, it's just those things about film and book and that classy-messy stuff...

Dear Blog,
Nothing much new today. You know, last night, I was dreaming that Kelly, most popular girl in class, started to smoke as well as Myra (one funny, sassy girl) and Natalie (one not so-funny-and-not-so-sassy-girl-who-can-go-on-my-nerves). It was creepy dream and fact that I was crazy punk girl in it doesn't make it any better. If fact, I don't even LIKE punk style! I'm mean, I'm so romantic and... and... old fashoned and... Ugh! Never mind!

I made that list for films, and for now, Cleopatra is in the lead followed by Breakfast at Tiffany's. I don't mind it since, when I rented Cleopatra from Video Club, I watched it with mum and crazy girl Selene. And Selene was constantly jumping and making fun of movie, actors, acting... And it's not OK since I really like that old Egypt and old Rome thing. Dunno why but I do. So ma and I just watched 1st part of movie and we didn't watched 2nd.

Also, I FINALLY changed Cornelia Camille's water today (Cornelia Camille is my turtle. I gave her name because Cornelia sounded so turtulish and Camille was used in Now, Voyager, movie with Bette Davis and Camille, movie with Greta Garbo). Poor thing, she can get so dirty! And how can she eat those things I give her!? YUCK!

With my ma I watched Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon. It's good movie, made my cry a little, but it's one of better new films that I watched (as well as Pirats of Caribbian 2, Devil Wears Prada and Duplex).

I'm now reading Adele - the untold story of Jane Eyre and Eragon. Adele is vary desapointing novel baususe it practicly don't even TOUCH Jane Eyre for now! Writter's toughts are not well said, it has too emotional characters and character of little Adele was nothing like I pictured her! Eragon can be OK, but senicies are too short and it's quite childish.
I think after it I'll take Devil Wears Prada from library cause film was OK and I wanna become fashon dresinger, so it's pratictly my future.

Sad, but true.

Vary sad.

And fact I'm emotional and weak makes it even sader.

Maybe I should jump from building now and stop worring about everything... Uhhh....

P.S. Tomrrow we have music and I didn't learn ANYTHING! Horror!!!!

With Love,